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C.Vale, a solid company made by Brazilians, for Brazilians and for the world.



C.Vale was established in 1960 through the union of a group of 24 farmers.

C.Vale has more than 27 thousands members and around 14.000 employees and more than 12,300 employees and is the second largest agricultural cooperative in Brazil, with 189 business units in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraguay. By diversifying its activities, C.Vale seeks to offer its members growth alternatives in a planned and sustainable way, which increase the source of income for their families and quality of life.



With a highly qualified technical team, the cooperative works in the production of soy, corn, wheat, cassava, milk, pork, fish and chicken. The cooperative also works with supermarkets and agricultural stores in the commercialization of machines and implements, parts and accessories, veterinary products and resale of agricultural inputs.


C.Vale has control of its entire poultry production chain.



C.Vale has control over the entire chicken production chain, from seed production to the product that reaches the consumer’s table. This represents safety for those who consume our products and also for the cooperative, which has consumer recognition and the certainty of being on the right track in the pursuit of excellence.




C.Vale - Cooperativa Agroindustrial

Av. Ariosvaldo Bitencourt, 2000

CEP (ZIP CODE) 85950-000

Palotina / Paraná / Brasil (Brazil)


Fone (Phone) +55 (44) 3649.8201 / 3649.8201